We are a dynamic duo with a passion and a flair for film and media production.


Our aim is to create professional, memorable, engaging and emotive video for our clients. We believe every video should tell a story, and we work with our clients  to bring their story to life on screen. Using our mix of research, creativity, technical expertise, talent and experience we will work to ensure your video project meets or surpasses your expectations. 

Our ethos is "no job too big or too small". We approach all jobs with equal importance and enthusiasm. Being a small company we pride ourselves on our ability to provide our clients with a personal touch. However if your project requires a bigger team we have the ability to upscale as required.


"Vision without action is merely daydreaming. Action without vision is passing the time. But vision with action can change the world"
Nelson Mandela

Who are We?

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much"

Helen Keller

The Focus Finders is a small but mighty team headed up by Ciaran and Siofra, who together work with an experienced group of freelancers to create impressive projects that aim to exceed expectations and that are delivered on time and within budget.


Ciaran Carty
Director, Cinematographer, Cameraman, Editor

Ciaran is a filmmaker, tech enthusiast , and music lover with 20+ Years Experience in his field. One of those lucky few whose work is also his hobby, his passion for filmmaking started at an early age when he used to rope his friends in to act in mini movies he recorded on his handycam! Later he went on to train in camera operation and lighting, during which time he was fortunate enough to intern on the sets of high profile TV shows in Los Angeles, learning from the best.

Over the past 20 years, Ciaran has travelled far and wide, both nationally and internationally, working for many broadcasters and helping to create stories across a wide array of genres, including TV shows (ranging from comedy / current affairs / home renovation / music) , documentaries, music videos, corporate promos and fashion shoots. An eagerness to keep learning about the latest developments in his field, coupled with an enthusiasm for new and unusual challenges that test his creative prowess, means that Ciaran is always pushing new boundaries. A people-person with a passion for story telling, and a tendency towards perfectionism in his work helps ensure any film created by The Focus Finders is always engaging and high class. 

Siofra Stirrat
Researcher, Producer, Editor

Siofra brings her background in research and her love of detail to the team. She has a sharp eye for all things visual and loves a good story. Taking an alternative route into filmmaking, she initially studied health science and later undertook a research masters there honing her research skills. Five years ago, whilst acting as a stand in camera assistant, Siofra discovered her passion for filmmaking. She loves being involved in all stages of the creative process from pre-production right through to the final revisions. Her ability to bring a fresh perspective to storytelling and her love of collaborating with clients makes her invaluable to The Focus Finders team.